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Bravins is a platform allowing insurance brokers to compete in the ever-evolving digital era. It offers them a platform at which they can build their own customized websites to sell policies.

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Land Shipment

Marine Shipment

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Customer Relationship Management

Get access to a database building tool, a calendar and notifications system for expiry dates, claims' statuses and updates, and manage your leads efficiently.

Digitalization of Operations

Have a full-fledged digitized experience improving your overall insurance operations and monitor your sales accurately.

Sell Policies

Offer insurance policies tailored to your clients’ specific needs in 10+ insurance lines of business.


Create an attractive online presence, share your services and connect with clients.

Customer Service

Chat, call and interact with clients to assist them with their queries.


Can I join Bravins?

All licensed Insurance Brokers, Independent Agents and Insurance Brokerage Companies, are welcomed to join Bravins.

Can I promote all my Company’s policy types on my website?

Yes, Bravins allows you to list all your policies on your website, at no extra charge!

Can I interact with my clients on my website?

Yes, Bravins provides an optional yet secure chat solution where you can interact, call and even video-chat with your clients.

What are the fees to build my website?

Our wide variety of subscription plans cater for all your business needs in an affordable manner. Stay tuned to know more about our different packages!

Do I need coding knowledge to build the website?

Absolutely not! Bravins lets you easily create and design your website using crystal clear steps. And that’s not all, Bravins provides the option for its team to develop your website from scratch.

Can I sell my insurance policies on my website?

If you are a licensed broker or entity, you will be able to sell your policies on your website.

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